Puppies after George VD Madroelhoeve and Shadow of Oak Cloey Tén Tén


18´th of september 2012







A lot have happend since my last update ages ago. Chance in breeding plans and a litter has been born.

Yesterday 13 puppies was born after George VD Madroelhoeve and Shadow of Oak Cloey Tén Tén. Unfurtuantly there is only 11 left today. One was still born and one left us last night. But I am happy that there is still 5 males and 6 females left. All doing well and so are Cloey.

For more infomation about the litter look here


Show, breeding plans and sad news


Time goes by so fast. Snow has fallen in Denmark and the dogs are loving it. But with minus 10-15 degrees time is limited outside.

This weekend I went to the International show in Fredericia with the two Bull di Al Faree babies Cloey and Excalibur. We had an amazing day with a lot of oder Dogue de Bordeaux´s from not just Denmark but also from around Europe. 29 dogs was entered which is a nice number for our breed at a show here.

First Excalibur was in the ring. He was the only male puppy and it bored him. He did not want to run. He would rather sit at the ringside having a cuttle with all the nice people. So he only got a promising.

Then it was Cloey in Intermediate female. She was also the only one in her class. But she did an amazing job. And that reflected on the result. She got an excellent with CK and not at least a really nice critique. I am so so proud of my big gentle girl.

Viola has today been scanned at the vet and yet again she is not pregnant. I am so sad about this and at the moment I feel like throwing the towel in the ring when it comes to her and breeding.  But now I have some months to figure out what to do with her before she goes into heat again.

Cloeys first boyfriend has been found. She is going to be breed with the lovely Italian male Hyron Delle Querce Rosse.  He is a small compact male with a very gentle look. To read more about this breeding click here.

Next show will be in Malmø next month. See you there...


Fingers crossed..!!!

Now its time to cross fingers and everyting else. Viola is today been breed to the beautiful Bidule Roy De L´Etang De Mirloup. This time it has to happen. Viola has been breed 2 times before and sadly there has been no puppies. 

We are hoping for pups in the end of March.

For more info on this breeding click here



And chances happens fast.

Violas breeding plans is now set. She is going to be breed with the wonderful and legendary  Bidule Roy De L´Etang De Mirloup. Breeding with these two was planned for Violas next heat. But because of Violas problem we do this breeding now. And I am so happy about this. He as an fantastic male with a exteriur to die for and a temper I have never meet before. I am looking so much forward to this breeding. Thanks Merete and Klaus for letting me use him.

For more info on this breeding click here




Chance of plans

Viola will not be breed with Dorsdorf Hummer in this heat. She has been to the vet and they have found out that she has a bit of fluids in her uterus. But she will be breed with Hummer in her next heat. I am really sad about this, but that is have life is. 

She will be breed this upcomming weekend and I will make it official as soon as everything is set.


Planned litter and more


Happy new year to you all.

Danish wither is here. That means a lot of rain, mud and wind. Both the dogs and not at least I are waiting for some snow and frost.

We have had a relaxing Christmas and New Year here at the house.  Just enjoying the dogs and the fireplace.

Mini is in heat, so she is a popular girl. She has had her ED x-rays taken and we are so pleased to say that she got 0/0. So we are more than happy.

Cloey also needed to have taken her HD x-rays and they came out B/C. So now we just need to have her SAS scan done so we can find her a perfect boyfriend.  I am not nervous about that, because she was scanned at the age of 7 weeks and had a 1.75 m/s.

We are planning to breed Viola with the stunning Dorsdorf Hummer in February and hoping that this time she will get a beautiful litter.  To read more click here


Show weekend


There hasn´t been going that much on here at the House since last time.  We are just enjoying the dogs. Excalibur is getting a big boy. Wondering where my little boy has gone.  Viola is starting to get back to her old spirit. She has been a bit sad and really sleepy since she was breed. But now she is back. Jumping the fence to catch the Hares and the pheasants.  And playing around with the young dogs.

This weekend we went to Jylland for a show weekend. We stayed at some friends House. They have my two Pugs Egon and Yvonne. It was so nice to see them again. I do miss the little rats some times.

At the show I had entered Mini in junior class and Cloey in Intermediate class. Cloey is only 16 month old, but I have realized that too many judges are getting a bit “deterred” about her size.  So she fits better in with the older dogs.

Saturday at the International show in Herning Mini got 3´ed best Junior with an Excellent. Cloey also had an Excellent and was placed 2´nd. Both girls had really good critiques. So I was happy.

Sunday there was a title on fight for. It was the day of Danish Winner. Mini won her class at the age of 10 month with an excellent and CK. But she wasn´t placed in best female. Cloey was 2´nd best in intermediate with an Excellent and CK. And placed as 3´ed best female. Yep, I was over the moon!!!

Overall we had a fantastic weekend. We look forward to seeing you all soon again.


New member of the family..


Here we go again.

After some hectic weeks here I finally have time to make a small update..

A week ago I picked up a new addiction to our kennel. A lovely boy that goes by the name of Eske.  He is a beautiful black mask after Bull Di Al Faree and Fendi vom Grosshertogzum Hessen.  He has taken the rest of the pack by storm. He is everywhere all the time and does not back of, when the girls try to tell him to leave them alone. But my guess is that he will learn someday. To read more about him go to his page here.

Thank you Merete and Klaus from Shadow of Oak for trusting me with this lovely baby boy.

We have also been to Sweden at a small show. This time only with Cloey. She did an amazing job even though she still thinks she is a tracker. The Judge apparently wasn´t happy with her having white on the tips of her toes.  So she “only” got an Excellent.  But we had a nice day in great company.


I have uploaded some pictures from one of our trips to the dam.

In the forthcoming period we have entered a few shows.  Looking forward to seeing you all out there.. 


No pups in Viola this time


Just had Viola scanned yesterday. Sadly there where no pups in her. 

She will be breed in next heat and this time we have our fingers crossed again again!!

Nothing else is going on here. We all just  enjoy all the mud.. Or should I say; the dogs enjoy all the mud. 

We are hoping to come to some shows in the upcomming time.

I have spend a lot of time with the E litter at Shadow of Oak. I have been so lucky that Merete and Klaus have let me be there from day one. So I have learnd tons of new thing about raising a litter. Thanks you guys!!


Planned litter and show in Vejen


Since last time we have been in Vejen for four days of showing with Mini-me and Viola.  We already arrived on Wednesday at the flat where we had to stay together with Kim, Susanne, Marcus and off cause Bjørn Borg.

Viola got 2 VG and 2 Excellent. That is okay for my girl. But Mini took me by surprise. She was showed tree days and the two of them she was best puppy (BOB). She is so easy. But in Ring of honor it is another thing. All these other breeds and the noise from the speakers make her insecure. So this is a thing we have to work with.

Viola has taken me a bit by surprise. She shouldn´t go into heat before mid September. But no no… She is now in heat and will be breed to Jerivindi Jaffa next weekend.  We are so much looking forward to this breeding. For more info look here 


Happy birthday Cloey on your 1st birthday.



Everything is great here with everybody…

Mini is growing big time. And she is a funny one. She keeps the House very busy.  She is everywhere and sometimes it gets too much for “old” Viola. But none of the less they are still playing around in the Garden and by the Pool most of the day.

Cloey is starting to slow down. Thank God. She is evening out her top line and not gaining all those kilos. She also had her x-ray done on her elbows now that she is turned one. And the result came back with 0/0. So we are so happy. Now we have to wait another six months for the x-rays on her hips.

We are all enjoying the fantastic weather and as some of you know; all the trips to the Beach.

We wish you all a happy summer and looking forward to seeing you all at the upcoming shows all over Europe.

We wish the rest of the Shadow of Oak C-litter a happy birthday and hope that you all are doing great.

And thanks to Merete and Klaus for trusting me with another of your girls. She is as fantastic as the rest of your breeding.


The Danish Club Match 2011


After a fantastic weekend at the Danish Club Match I might better tell a bit about it.

We already arrived on Thursday.  We had to set up the sight. Friday people started to drop in. It is so nice to see all the familiar faces from all over Europe and offcouse Denmark. Also some new faces were to meet. At night we all eat together. Jannie had done magic in the Kitchen and all the newest gossip and stories had to be told.

I had entered all 3 girls for both days.

Saturday the judge was Jesus Pardo Sanchez. In baby class Mini-me got VP and was placed 2nd. Cloey was in junior class and got an excellent. Viola had her debut in Open class and got very good.

Sunday the Judge was Anne-Marie Class. Mini-me got VP again and was placed 4th. Cloey got excellent again and Viola got excellent.

I am so proud of my girls. They all did well and even Cloey behaved pretty well.

There were so many beautiful Dogs entered, so it’s a bit like heaven. ;-)

The future will bring some more showing. We are not going to WDF so next show will be Vejen. We are going with two odder couples, so I will think it will be fun.


The sun is back.


It has been a while since I did my last update. So I better do something about that.

The weather has so nice, so we have been to the Beach almost every day. The dogs are loving it. It is a bit funnier to be at the Beach then to swim with then in the Pool.

I have been fighting with the plus weight on Cloey. The hard work is now starting to work. She is slowly starting to lose the extra kilos.  But thinking of her age I have to be careful not just to take too much of her food away from her.

In two weeks the Danish Club Show is on. All tree Douges are entered and we are looking forward to spend time with friends from all over Europe and see some lovely dogs.  And not at least to show the dogs before such highly respected judges. 

Another show weekend is also coming around the corner. The four day show in Vejen.  There we are going to have a mini vacation with two other couples.

The tree girl’s galleries are now updated with some new pictures.

April 18th 2011

Crap day :-(

Just got home from the Vet. Viola has appently absorbed the pups. But that is life. I will breed her again in the autumn with Randi. So fingers crossed!!

April 13th 2011

A new girl has arrived.

Friday night I went to Kennel Bordeaux Red Forest to pick up my new girl. She is after some bloodlines that I am in love with. She is after Midnight Express at Rozeldogue and Klea Bordeaux Red Forest.
This was a very fast decision that made this possible. I am Alex Merle grateful for this partership. She is a lovely girl.
We came home late Friday night and didn´t have much sleep before we had to go on the road again. We were off to the clubshow in Fladså. I was going to show Cloey but I had Mini-me with me just for the fun. Cloey behaved well and got 3.in junior class. She got a really good critic so I am happy with her.
Sunday it was off to the Beach. It was a lovely weather and the dogs had fun. Even Viola was running around and had to go for a swim.
Next weekend I am going to Young Dog Day in Holland. Cloey is to be showed there and Mini-me is going with us for the company. I am looking forward to see a lot of young good looking Dogues and being in the company of good friends.

April 5th. 2011

Trip to the Beach with Shadow of Oak

Yesterday Merete and I packed the Bus with Bull, Demba, Sara and Cloey and went to the Beach. It was time for some new pics of Cloey. They had a great time and offcouse Sara and Cloey had to go for a swim. 

I have put the pictures in a gallery. 

Viola is doing great. She is a bit lasy, but that is about it. We are looking forward to having potentional puppie buyers for a visit this weekend. 

This upcomming weekend we are also going on a Club show in Fladså. Cloey is offcouse the only one being showed, but we are so much looking forward to seing everybody again. We usely have a great time at these small shows. 


New website and planned litter.

 Welcome to my website. This is the first update.

Today Viola is confirmed pregnent with the fantastic Rozeldogue Templeson aka Randi. We await the puppies to be born in the beginning of May. We are looking forward to see the result of this mating because I have been in love with Randi from the first time I layed eyes on him 1 1/2 years ago.

More info can be seen under Puppies.