Health and Food




At our kennel health is a really important issue. We do everything in our power to make sure, at the Dogs have the best conditions.
We scan all the puppies for SAS before they   
“ leave the nest” and all of them is getting scanned for ED and HD in an age of 18 month.

For more info about SAS by clicking on SAS in top menu.

We mainly feed with raw meat. All dogs over the age of 12 month  
is getting 100% BARF. Young dogs under that age is getting feed with 70% BARF and 30% Royal Canin Giant breed.

All dogs from the age of 8 weeks is getting different kinds of subsidies in their food.  Amongst them are Omega 3-6-9 oils, NDS K9 Multivitamin and Mineral powder, Glucosamin and Vital Anamin.

But most importantly of all we look at the Dogs and see have they thrive. A happy dog with nice healthy coat, white teeth and firm stool.